EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Ozomatli's New Music Video "Jardinero"

Prolific supergroup Ozomatli have spent sixteen years bringing the voice of Mexican immigrants to mainstream America, and now they’re taking their message to the big screen. The Los Angeles-based group was asked by Twilight: New Moon and About a Boy director Chris Weitz to write a song for his new film A Better Life, the story of a Mexican gardener in Los Angeles working hard to keep his son away from gang culture while trying to dodge la migra. The movie—starring Demian Bichir from Weeds and newcomer Jose Julian—is the kind of tear-jerker waterproof mascara was invented for. Ozo’s song “Jardinero” is a ballad for papis everywhere—just in time for Father’s Day.
We hung out with band members Ulises Bella (who just got engaged!) and Willy “Wil-Dog” Abers on the set of the video—the rooftop of the iconic Tropico de Nopal art gallery overlooking all of East Los Angeles—and convinced them to give us an exclusive sneak peak. Enjoy!
A Better Life hits theaters on June 24th. Bring tissues!