EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez on her New Album: “It’s Got a J.Lo Rave Vibe to It”

Selena Gomez loves to dance and the 18-year-old singer says her third album, When the Sun Goes Down (coming out today), is chalk full of dance anthems. "I don't even think I have one slow song on the album," Gomez told us. 

The singer, who recently dedicated her single "Who Says" to all the haters, told us exclusively that her first single isn't the only song on her new album that's about haters. Selena told us that her favorite song on the new album is "'Bang, Bang, Bang' because it’s a dig/compliment song. It’s about saying goodbye to something that was negative and saying hello and thank you to something that is positive." Gomez added, "It’s about people that weren’t very good to you."

Selena explained that her new album is all about positivity and said it's very different from her sophomore album, A Year Without Rain. "The lyrics are more meaningful. It’s very inspirational—the whole album just makes people feel good and gets people dancing."

So why did she decide to drop her third album so quickly? "Because I’m in a transition spot in my career—I’m ending with Disney channel, I’ve released my new single, 'Who Says?' so I’m kind of in a zone right now where I’m really obsessed with my music," she gushed. "I'm really excited to release it."


So what does her new album sound like? "Its kind of got a little bit of a J.Lo rave vibe to it," said Selena. "J.Lo’s kind of got that deep voice but it’s very sultry, and [has] a little bit of a rave vibe which means it's very techno. I love it. It’s really fun!"

Check out the video from Selena Gomez's latest single, "Love You Like a Love Song":