EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Melymel Releases New Single 'Si No Te Amara' and Tells Us Why She's Done with Love

Dominican rapper, Melymel, has been in the Spanish rap game for a long time solidifying herself as a lyrical beast. Today, with her new single release 'Si No Te Amara', she gives us a glimpse of her more vulnerable side and an inside look at why she has no time for love.

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How did you begin your career in rapping?

Since I was a little girl in the Dominican Republic, I’ve been obsessed with 2 Pac and Lauryn Hill. I also had a strong passion for literature. I wrote a lot of poetry and when I reached age 11 I began reciting my poetry out loud and freestyling about the things that I would see not knowing I was rapping until a friend pointed it out. When I was 13-years-old, after listening to Ariana Puello, my favorite Spanish rapper, is when I realized this was my thing.  It was the first time I heard a female rap in Spanish, so I knew I could do it. Since then I would buy notebooks and fill them up with lyrics and sneak into clubs – this white skinny little girl with no ass or no titties - to freestyle battle against the guys, it was cool. After I proved myself and got people’s attention I released some songs and my first official mixtape in 2007.

How are you able to speak English so well growing up in D.R.?

I’ve always been good with languages because of my craft and I am not nearly as nice rapping in English as I am in Spanish, but I’m working on it. I can kill it in Spanish, in English, I can do a good six bars until you notice I’m average in English [laughs].

Tell me about your new single, “Si No Te Amara”?

The song is inspired by when I used to be a good girl, fall in love and suffer from love. I thought, “let me make a song about suffering in love while knowing we deserve better.” It’s about that relationship where you want that person so bad and you realize you are not being appreciated but still stick around for whatever your reasons are, but are at that point where you are starting to get tired out it and know that you are not loving yourself by allowing this. It’s that wake-up call where you know are better than this, so are warning that person that you are willing to work it out, but are getting tired and won’t be able sticking around much longer if things don’t change.

Did you go through a love like this?

I got married and had a family at a young age and did, and took, so much to try to keep my family together for my son to grow up with both of his parents, but what I forgot is that it’s not just having mom and dad there, it’s about growing up in a healthy household where the parents get along and being a good example for my son.

You mentioned this song was inspired by “back when you would fall in love”. Do you not believe in love?

I have a black heart. I‘m open to having fun, baby girl! If I ever fall in love, I don’t think it’s going to really be this blind love where it’s about how good the sex is. It’s going to be an appreciation for a person that really respects and admires me. Love is no longer that love that where you can’t be without each other, but also can’t be around each other for more than 2 minutes without fighting. For me, it’s about this person maybe is not my type, but this person really motivates and helps me when I need it. It’s actually more of a team and this is what love should be – someone that compliments who you are.

Click HERE to listen to new song "Si No Te Amara"

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I know you have a son, how is it being a single mom with your rap career?

I have my aunt that helps me a lot with my son. Right now, she with him taking care of him while I’m here doing my thing, but it’s hard, I get homesick and miss him a lot.  He’s a very smart kid and understands what I do for a living and knows that what I am doing is to give him a better life - to buy all of those toys he loves and basically take him out and have quality time with him. Even though he understands, I don’t think it’s fair cause I know every kid needs their parents full time, so I try to work it out as much as I can for him.  I really want be a multi-millionaire to travel the world with him, hire a private teacher, and just have him with me all day.  That’s another reason I won’t fall in love. It’s just nonsense to have a relationship with somebody because then I have to split my son’s time and have to share it with whoever I might be with and I have no time for that. I would hate to negotiate my son’s time and would never try to under appreciate anyone like, “oh, you want something serious with me, but I can only see you on Saturdays.”