EXCLUSIVE: Prince Royce on Being Crowned Double Platinum: "It's A Dream Come True!"

Prince Royce is having a really good week! Not only did the biggest crush of his life, Selena Gomez tell us that she thinks the Dominican bachatero is "cute," (which we're sure made his bachatero-shaped heart melt!), but this was also the week that Prince's self-titled debut album hit double platinum and the week that he will begin his 15-city tour! We called up the humble and all-around awesome Prince to get all of the deets on his meteoric rise to fame, how it feels to go double platinum and which other classic songs he plans to "remake" in the future (you didn't think "Stand By Me" was going to be the only one, did you?). 

Given the success of "Stand By Me," which you did an amazing job with, are you planning on remaking any other classic songs bachata-style?

We discuss it a lot with the producers and the label — Stand by Me” was the way that I got into the market and now, thank God I hit number 1 for the second week on the overall Latin charts! It was so special bringing back an old song and remaking it and doing it in bachata and then being able to sing the song with Benny King at the Grammy's was special. I'm not sure I want to do something else and then mess up the legacy. {Laughs}. 

But if you did decide to remake a classic, do you have any in mind?

A bunch of them. "My Girl," a bunch of Michael Jackson songs, and Lionel Richie songs — there are a bunch of old-school songs that could easily be a hit in bachata

Tell us about your tour?

There's probably 15 dates and I'm excited {because} a few months back, I was playing in local clubs. You know? It's crazy that I'm going from local clubs and then waking up the next morning and having a whole production and performing in theaters. 

How does it feel to have the album go double platinum?

It feels great. It's a dream come true. Especially with how the industry is now — it's very rare for somebody to go gold and platinum, and double platinum is like 'WOAH!' {Laughs}. It just shows that dreams do come true.

Are you already recording your sophomore album?

Yeah, we're thinking of recording about 20-30 songs right now. In between the tour, we're in the studio writing and recording songs so that we can pick the best ones for the album!