Exclusive: Julio Iglesias is My Homeboy

You’ve recorded in many languages. How do you convey the same suaveness that comes across in your native tongue of Spanish in Chinese?

That’s a good question. First, the most important thing for me is to acknowledge what I’m talking about when I’m singing in Chinese. When I know exactly what I’m talking about phrase by phrase, I can have an actual interpretation and acknowledge what I’m singing. But in any case, for me to sing in Chinese, to sing in Japanese, to sing in Tagalong, or in German — it’s not very easy. The language is so strong, it makes a lot of difficulties for me to pronounce, and it’s very difficult.

What’s been your proudest moment as a father?

You never forget the day that your kid born, when the mommy gives birth to your baby, that’s an amazing day. But you know it’s important for a father to keep being a father throughout his life. I feel that the most important thing is the dedication that you give to being that father figure to your children.

You’re also known for having a great complexion. Do you have any tanning tips you can share?

Well, the sun has always been a good friend of mine, but not these days. I think I’ve been in the sun for too long.

Do any of today’s singers impress you?

My son Enrique. I love my son (laughs).

I knew you were going to say that! Anyone besides Enrique?

I like my son Julio after Enrique (laughs).

No one else?

Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber. I think they’re great!

Do you have any final words for our female readers?

Thank you for your kindness and support, from your fathers, grandparents and especially from your mothers (laughs)!