Exclusive: Julio Iglesias is My Homeboy

Julio Iglesias is cooler than cool—he’s ice cold (word to Andre 3000). Once we got on the phone with the legendary Spanish crooner, it was as if we were talking to our hip Tio Julio who schools you on love and has done it all . . . twice. Iglesias is truly the most interesting man in the world: he wrestles lions, he kicks Chuck Norris’ ass, and he flirts with your mom every chance he gets—swag!

Here Iglesias talks to us openly about his #1 Greatest Hits Deluxe Edition, which is out today, his tanning tips, oh, and, a special message for all the mothers of the world. Boss!

Do you want to do the interview in Spanish or English? Just be warned my Spanish is a bit shaky.

But why, if your last name is Trivino?

Yes, but Spanish is not my first language, so forgive me.

Spanish is your second language?

Yes, it’s my second language. I was born here but my parents are from Ecuador.

Ecuador? What part, Guayaquil or Quito?


I sang there the other day, I sang there about two months ago.

Yeah? Awesome!

I ate two crab legs—huge crab legs! They were absolutely delicious!

Yeah, the seafood there is really good.

Just amazing. So tell me. What do you want me to tell you?

Whatever you want to say!


Let’s talk about your greatest hits album—there have been many before, so what makes this one different?

This one is an album where I redid everything—the bass, the guitar, the rhythm, the voice. I only kept the atmosphere and mood of previous albums, but I also put new vocals in. When I first started singing, I felt I was bad, and it’s not that I’m perfect now, but I am a little better, so there’s the difference.