EXCLUSIVE: Juanes Dishes on Finding New Latin Talent & His Upcoming Album

We spoke at the Latin Grammy's last year and you told us you are a Dewar's man! When is the perfect time for Juanes to kickback and sip on his favorite whiskey?

I love Dewars! [laughs] I honestly wouldn't have accepted to work with them if I wasn't really a fan. For me, the perfect time to enjoy a glass is right before I hit the stage during my concerts-- with a little bit of ice. Smooth…..

You shocked fans after you cut off your trademark long hair! What made you take the plunge?

I looked at it as a way to break away from the monotony. I don't want to feel like I'm fitting some mold or following some image that people have of me-- I don't want that. The day I feel like chopping off my hair then I will and when I want it long I will leave it long. So I don't know what motivated me specifically beyond that I felt like chopping off my hair and here you see the result. 

We know you have a new album in the works. Cuentanos todo!

I just got back into the studio in Los Angeles to start work on my new album. It will feature 14 songs and British producer Stephen Lillywhite is producing it. He's worked with The Dave Matthews Band, The Killers, U2, and Peter Gabriel. His body of work is just incredible. 

I'm so excited about this new album because it's going to be different and so full of energy.

How is it going to be different?

It is going to be different but it will never lose my essence. It will continue to be supremely Colombian when it comes to style but I it will definitely be taking things to the next level. 

I have a special duet planned but I can't tell you with whom yet because it's not been confirmed. If everything comes together, it will be fantastic!