EXCLUSIVE: Juanes Dishes on Finding New Latin Talent & His Upcoming Album

Why was it important for you to partner with Dewars to find the next breakthrough Latin talent?

Dewars, who was the sponsor of my "MTV Unplugged" Tour, had the idea for this competition that would help support talented up-and-coming Hispanic talent in the United States. The winner gets to open up for me during a private concert on September 19th in Miami, but it's about a lot more than that. We will have key people in attendance at the show including managers, media, and people from the music industry that will see their performance live. We hope that this opportunity will give the winners the exposure they need to catapult them to the next level in their musical careers.

The Dewaristas competition stands apart from the many talent competition shows on television because the process is more intimate. Was this important to you?

Absolutely. I feel that the competition process for Dewaristas is more organic and caters specifically to bands. It's not that the shows on television don't support bands but I just feel like this competition is more about those street bands you see rehearsing in garages and playing in bars. I very much identify with them and they remind me of when I was first starting my career.

Once the competition is over, do you plan to further support the winner whether it's through mentorship or some other way?

Yes, I believe that it's impossible to disconnect after a process such as this. The bands I've seen perform were so talented and many have left a big impression on me. I've talked about them to my network friends and the people that I know which creates a buzz. There may be an opportunity where someone might ask me to recommend a band and I will definitely have many of the talented artists I've met throughout this experience in mind. 

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