EXCLUSIVE: Ivy Queen Drives a 'Machete' Through Her Two Identities

Ivy Queen is getting ready to let go of her true identity as Martha Ivelisse Pesante for the Machete Music Tour 2010, a multi-act extravaganza that kicks off on October 22 at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

“When I’m on a stage it’s a transformation," the singer tells Latina.com. "Ivy Queen and Ivelisse are two different people. I become ‘La Jefa’ and I have to give a thousand percent,” she adds.

The event celebrates the fifth anniversary of urban Latin label Machete, which La Caballota joined earlier this year—a few months before releasing her latest album Drama Queen.

As usual, she’ll be touring with a bunch of male-dominated acts: Don Omar, Chino y Nacho, Angel & Khriz, Jowell y Randy, Jking & Maximan, Flex and Tego Calderón, whom she admires a lot. “I’m always surrounded by guys; I’m used to it,” she says. “I’m very maternal so I’m always doling out advice.”

The only downside to being the only girl in a group of men is one any woman with an impatient boyfriend or husband can relate to. “While the boys just put on a hat and hit the stage, I’m still doing my make-up,” says Ivy Queen. But something tells me they don’t mind waiting for La Reina." Neither do we!