Exclusive: Daddy Yankee on Quinceañeras, His Tour, and Tequila

What’s up with Mis Fabulosos Quince [Verizon’s contest to win a sponsored quince]?

“Well with ‘Mis Fabulosos Quince’, [it’s a] Latin tradition, sacred to us, and I know what it’s going to represent to the winner. The winner will have a night that she will never forget -- a party completely paid by Verizon, and I will be the closing act of her Quinceanera.”

Have you ever performed at a Quinceanera?

“No. This is the first time that I [get to perform] this way – [at] a big party that a company is giving someone. I have never before experimented with something like this before.”

Aside from the cultural aspect, what else drew you to the project?

“The detail that caught my attention is that the young lady that wins will also be granted an academic scholarship for college.  Also when I go to the eight cities in the U.S, to the signing of autographs, people can bring the [phones] that they aren’t using and Verizon has a program called HopeLine that receives these [phones] and the profits go to this organization. This organization helps women who are victims of domestic violence. So apart from the music, we are impacting the community.”

You just came off a European tour, how was that?

“The tour was beyond crazy! Very entertaining -- they were full to capacity in all the places that we performed. It was an unforgettable experience, seeing people from different countries singing your songs. It was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life."

Can you speak on the impact “Gasolina” had on Latin music?

“The same impact that has Lovumba right now in Europe, that it’s killing the competition. It’s conquering all of those places, you know, making good music.”

Talento de Barrio was hit in Latin America. Are you planning on returning to acting any time soon?

“Right now I am not focused [on making movies]. Production and making music are my main priorities right now.”

What other projects are you working on?

“We are coming out with Cartel Tequila, that’s what we will be promoting now, the headphones, the Daddy Yankee sneakers, and watches. We have a lot of things that we are currently working on, but Cartel Tequila is what’s going to be all over the U.S.”

Why tequila and not something more Puerto Rican, like rum?

“[It was] very organic. I was called to be part of the branding with this name, [which is also] the same name of my record label. [Cartel Tequila] comes out on June 1st. I hope that everybody comes out and tries it out. We really have done a great job with this tequila.”

Listen to Daddy Yankee's new track "Pasarela" and let us know what you think!

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