Exclusive: Chayanne Talks New Album, Classic Songs, & Driving Motorcycles

Exclusive: Chayanne Talks New Album, Classic Songs, & Driving Motorcycles

Chayanne’s laugh is irresistible. It’s big, fun, and warm. The sound makes you feel as if you were holding a puppy and baby at the same time. Okay, enough man-crushing here. The legendary Puerto Rican artist, who almost every Latina desired at one point of her life, is back with a new album, En Todo Estare, which is available on August 25. Here, he tells us about his new opus and breaks down a few of his classic songs. You’re welcome, ladies.

In the video for “Humanos a Marte” you’re all bad ass driving around on a motorcycle.

It’s all acting (laughs). It was a great idea by the director. The idea was about a photographer in a studio alone until someone comes into your life who accepts who you are. The video and the song go together very well.

Have you driven motorbikes before?

Muchacho, I’ve driven motorcycles. This isn’t a good example (laughs) but when I was 13-years-old I used to motocross. I used to have a Yamaha 175 and I would come home to Puerto Rico from my tours in Central America, because I started at 10 with Los Chicos, and we go to the river and mountains to drive motorcycles. Then when I was 14 and a half I leave for Mexico where they gave me a label deal and I lived between Mexico, L.A. and Spain, where I recorded. When I was around 20 was the last time I drove a motorcycle until the video. You have to have four eyes when you drive a motorcycle. But to drive one across the river in Puerto Rico is beautiful.

Lets talk about some of your classic songs. Tell us about “Tiempo de Vals.”

It’s a classic! Jose Maria Cano, the composer, and I worked on it in L.A. When I heard it for the first time, I was like, “This is a waltz.” It was out of the box because as a teenager you wouldn’t normally sing a waltz. I recorded the song without expectations. It ended becoming one of my hits that has been played at weddings, quinceañeras, and the public really adores.