EXCLUSIVE: Big Time Rush Star Carlos Pena: "We're Elevating Everything About Us"

The popular boy band Big Time Rush released their highly anticipated sophomore album on Monday, and we caught up with Carlos Pena—the half-Dominican, half-Venezuelan member of the band—to get all of the juicy details on Elevate 

Why is your new album called Elevate?

We really thought that this album was going to be a step up from anything we’ve done in the past. We were going through names and Elevate kind of fit—we’re elevating everything about us: our style, our music, the TV show—we just shot a movie in Vancouver. The fans are in for a great year!

Would you say that you and your bandmates have grown a lot since your first album?

Definitely! I feel like we’re coming into our own artistry as Big Time Rush. We wrote most of the songs on the album, so that alone is amazing—our songwriting is definitely a lot more prominent. Also, I feel like we have a little more control over what Big Time Rush is, and as the days go by we keep growing. We’re also all 21 now.

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What’s your favorite song on the album?

I have a couple. I love “No Idea,” but I also love a song that Logan wrote called “Time of Our Life.”

Are you currently on the road promoting the new album?

We are! We’re in New York right now—we had a crazy day yesterday doing some signings and today we’re doing some more signings and meeting a bunch of fans.

Why should people run out and buy this album today?

There's so much music out there that is not really driven by passion—it’s just someone trying to make a lot of money. And I’m really proud of this album because we wrote it all. Somebody asked me yesterday ‘do you like listening to your album?’ and I was like, ‘yeah! I make music that I like listening to—that’s the whole point of it.’ I'm really proud to give these kids—and a lot of adults, too—some good music that has a positive message and nothing negative.

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Is there any chance you and the guys will put out a Spanish-language album?

Maybe as a group we may do a couple of songs in Spanish and put them out. I would love to do one personally. The sky's the limit with this band. We just played in Mexico and sang "Worldwide" in Spanish. The boys really enjoyed it. 

What are your Thanksgiving Day plans?

We’re going to be in Dallas—we fly there tonight. We’re singing the national anthem at the Cowboys and Dolphins game.

Who are you rooting for: Dallas or Miami?

Well here’s the thing—I’m from Florida so I’ve got to give my Dolphins some love. But the Cowboys gave me the job, so I’m kind of in the middle!