Ex-Menudo Member Angelo Garcia “Comes Out” (Or Does He?)

Angelo Garcia, the youngest member of Menudo (and the second to say that he's gay), commented recently on his former bandmate Ricky Martin’s decision to "come out:"

"I can't speak for Ricky, and I don't know what his life was like after we parted ways," he said. "I'm glad that he's come out. It's better for him to stop hiding, and it's better for all of us. If every gay singer, actor, governor, lawyer, doctor, judge, teacher, athlete, senator, whatever would just come out and admit that he or she is gay, then the straight world would realize that being gay doesn't mean we are flawed. We were born with this other way of expressing love. It is neither better nor worse that being straight. It is just who we are."

Garcia first addressed his own sexuality by appearing naked in Paragon Men, which touts itself as "the premiere destination for artistic male physique imagery and erotica on the internet," back in May. Referring to him as a "sexually supercharged muscle Adonis," the article discussed his career post-Menudo. Apparently, music from his album Cool appeared in Roselyn Sanchez’s under-the-radar film Yellow, about a stripper with singing aspirations trying to make it in the Big Apple. Ironically, Garcia himself was a male stripper, and judging from those photos, a generously tipped one. More recently, he opened up to TV Notas about being gay.

We wonder, though, about the term "coming out" that the blogosphere is using with regards to Garcia's story today, since to come out means you have to have been closeted at one point, and, according to Garcia, he never has been.

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