Enrique Iglesias Talks Eclectic New Sound at the Cap Roig Festival

Enrique Iglesias turned it up during the Cap Roig Festival’s closing night.

The Spanish singer-songwriter spoke with Efe during the Spanish music festival regarding his evolving sound, his new single “Turn the Night Up,” and the places in which he finds inspiration.

Iglesias told Efe that he decided to push the envelope and “put aside for the moment” what he felt comfortable with while creating his new sound. His efforts to step out of his comfort zone, Iglesias explained, ultimately contributed to the eclecticism of his new album.

“The changes in music result from the things that happen in your life, or just possibly from the influence of other artists,” Enrique explained, adding that songs like “Experiencia Religiosa” has “nothing to do” with other more recent songs like “Tonight.”