Enrique Iglesias: Size Does Matter

Everyone knows Enrique Iglesias loves to mess around with reporters—starting rumors about his love life, sending secret messages through his music—but one practical joke he played early in his career nearly killed his romantic prospects for good. Enrique confesses to Showbiz Spy, "I said I had a small penis as a joke. And they took it literally when it is not the truth."

By 'they', we're guessing Enrique means the bounty of models, dancers, actresses and groupies he might have scored with as he rose to fame over the last half-dozen years. But, at least to some girls—namely Enrique's current girlfriend, tennis star Anna Kournikova—size doesn't seem to matter. "When people find out it's not the case they are pleasantly surprised," he says.

Looks like, for now at least, Anna is the only one who can give the definitive word on Enrique's assets, but managing expectations was clearly a smart move on his part!