Did Shakira Stiff a “Loca” Songwriter?

Shakira has learned that music collaborations are attractive to listeners, especially when they include catchy urban beats from artists like Pitbull and Calle 13's René Pérez. But the Colombian singer is now facing the music after Puerto Rican reggaetonero Ñejo filled a lawsuit against her for not crediting his work in her latest hit “Loca.” 

Ñejo, one half of the reggaeton duo Ñejo y Dalmata, says that part of the song was composed by him and that he should be compensated for its success. The lawsuit also mentions Pitbull and Cata, who are given songwriting credit for the song, which top Latin Billboard charts last year and has become a sensation in Europe.

“I’m furious. They used my part of the song, my verses, my voice and the remix I made with Dalmata,” he said in a statement. “Cata robbed me because he kept quiet to take the advantage. Even though he wrote the original song, he knows that Shakira fell in love with my version.”

This is not the first time Shakira has been accused of taking a song. Last summer, a Dominican singer alleged that the World Cup anthem “Waka Waka” had been plagiarized from his 1980s hit song "El negro no quiere.” Wilfrido Vargas, who is best known for “El Jardinero” and “La Medicina,” did not file a lawsuit because he wasn’t the original composer of the song.