EXCLUSIVE: Dev Talks 'Bittersweet July' & Working With Enrique Iglesias!

Dev New Album Bittersweet July Interview

Dev is back!

Three years after releasing her first album The Night The Sun Came Up, Devin Star Tailes, is set to drop her latest album. Bittersweet July, out September 23, showcases the evolution of Dev and pays tribute to some of the exciting changes she's experienced since she released her debut album. 

The Portuguese-Mexican artist is now the mother to a two-year-old daughter, Emilia Lovely. While juggling life as a musician and a mother has not always been easy, Dev admits that having a daughter has inspired her life — and her work — in innumerable ways.

We chatted with Dev about her new album, her Latina role models, and more in this exclusive interview: 

What was the writing process like for your new album? 

Well, the writing process for Bittersweet July started about a year ago. It actually started out as something therapeutic. There's some stuff that was really sad, and some stuff that was really fun. Between the five songs, there's a little bit of everything, and I'm excited to finally put my music out so people can hear it. It's been a good experience, for sure.

You gave birth to your daughter in 2011. Was it difficult juggling your music and a family?

I feel so lucky to be able to do both and have both. It was a little difficult, because my daughter spent a lot of time in the hospital right after I had her, so I think doing shows and having to stay at the hospital with her really took a toll on me emotionally. But, she is healthy now, and she is doing good. My fiancé, my parents, and my manager are supporting her and me. It's been fun — and that's why it's called Bittersweet July. It's fun for me.

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