Is Demi Lovato Working on a Duet with Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez may not be too excited at the prospect of working with her boyfriend Justin Bieber, but perhaps her old BFF Demi Lovato is more open to a collaboration?  According to some teasing Tweets from one of Lovato’s producers, Sebastian, some very “special guests” stopped by a recent recording session and a “super duet” could be in the works.

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The producer responded to one fan’s guess of who would be teaming up with the former Disney star on a song.  “@AndrewLovesSwag u said justin bieber that is a very very good guess,” Sebastian tweeted.  Hmm, from the sounds of it, Lovato is most likely working with Bieber, or his sweetie Selena. We'd probably actually be more excited for the former Barney stars to reconnect, but whatever the outcome, we can’t wait to hear!

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