Demi Lovato is Disney's Highest Grossing Artist

Last night, while Miley Cyrus was making her final bow as Hannah Montana, Disney named its new highest grossing artist: Demi Lovato

According to Disney, the part-Mexican actress-singer, who stars on Disney's hit show, Sonny With a Chance,  has the highest grossing album sales worldwide with the Disney-owned label, Hollywood Records.

"Highest grossing album sales worldwide labeled with Hollywood Records at the moment is Here We Go Again & Don't Forget by Demi Lovato," the network said in a statement.

That's impressive, especially since Demi has been in rehab for physical and emotional issues since November.

And if that piece of news doesn't put a smile on Demi's face, maybe this will: Music producer, Timbaland recently heard the 18-year-old star's music, and he was so impressed with her talent that he made a Youtube video telling Demi that he wrote a track just for her. 'Wow. You are amazing, girl," said Timbaland. "I got to hear you sing some of your songs, and I'm like, 'Wow.' "

"I'm going to play a song that we did just for you," he added. "It ain't finished. It don't have my stamp of knockness to it yet. I'm playing a song just for you, only for you. Are you ready? It goes something like this. I wrote this for you."