Here's How Demi Lovato and Camila Cabello Owned Jingle Ball 2017

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Friday night’s Z100's Jingle Ball 2017 presented by Capital One at Madison Square Garden, the lineup was the best it has ever been with amazingly talented performers on the sixth stop of the national iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour 2017 Presented by Capital One.

The acts included Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, The Chainsmokers, Demi Lovato and more.There wasn’t any time during the night that I sat down, even though my feet may have begged me for it with my dancing. The exuberance and passion these stars had for their craft were not only energizing, but inspiring in that it indeed showed that if you put yourself out there and do what you love, you can make it.

Especially for the woman in this day and age. Halsey stopped her performance to explain that it is truly the perfect time to be a woman, and I couldn’t agree more. There is so much out there in the world women have accomplished in 2017 such as, all the women everywhere who protested during the monumental Women's March, to starting campaigns that set a good example, the possibilities are endless.

Camila Cabello, being a part of project YouDoYou, which is an initiative promoting that behind every great girl is another powerful girl. This project aims to create and promote life experiences for young women by collaborating with influencers in the entertainment. The hashtag #KindCommentsCampaign was being shown throughout the stadium and then repeated on the devices of many following the movement. The former Fifth Harmony singer did not only stop there, but she had left the crowd in awe of her performance of Havana that tied to her proud Latina roots.

The Latin women of the night carried on the movement of empowerment with Demi Lovato. The Sorry Not Sorry star had shown that a “Are a boss right now” with the high performance of the hit single Confident. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being confident in yourself, even though it might be promoted that way. From a first-hand experience, as a millennial, it is difficult trying to be confident in yourself when there is so much media exposure, false advertisement, and hatred. The track Confident teaches that you must realize there is only one you!

Take advantage of who you are and live your life to the fullest. The rest of the night was filled with the shouting of lyrics, The Chainsmokers jaw-dropping stage effects, and Logic’s suicide awareness that brought love throughout the whole stadium explaining that tonight, stranger or not, we were all family. At last, the night slowly came to an end even when I didn’t want it to stop. Taylor Swift ended the magnificent evening with Shake It Off to close the whole message of embracing who you are, and just do you.