David Archuleta Says He’s Not Ready for a Relationship

David Archuleta called us from his family home in Utah to talk about the holidays and why he won’t be kissing anyone under the mistletoe this year.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Well, it's a season of giving — that's for sure. And what I love about it is that people are in a different mindset. They think about other people more. I love that! There are a lot of holidays, but Christmas is about remembering Christ's birth and the season of giving. I also love all the great holiday songs. People just feel good this time of year and I love it! 

Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe this year?

Um, nobody—no one for me. [Laughs]

Sorry, but we had to ask—our readers are in love with you!

Oh no, it’s all good! [Laughs]

We know you're really busy with your career and your new album. Is that why you're not in a relationship at the moment?

Um, you know what, it's not just the career I'm focused on I guess. It's just a matter of — I haven't gone too into thinking about it. It's not like, 'I need a relationship!' You know, the time will come. I’ll know when I'm ready and right now it's just not the time yet. It's when you find that person that you feel comfortable around.

We hear you'll be performing at this year's New Year's Live Special on FOX. What song will you be singing?

I'm planning on doing Elevator — a song from my album. It’s a fun song about a dream I had.

Care to tell us about the dream?

It was kind of like Inception in a way. There were these elevators and all these different floors and stuff. And I was trying to decide what floor to get off on. I think [the dream] was kind of symbolic of my life — not knowing which way to go or the right floor to get off on.

Do you think being in Hollywood makes your life more confusing, or is life just confusing in general?

Just in general. You have to make decisions everyday in life and figure out what's the right way to go, and you're just kind of going with the flow of things. But even though things go up and down, it's the butterflies that keep you going and that keep things exciting!