David Archuleta: "I'm Waiting for the Right Girl"

Full disclaimer: We are currently bumping David Archuleta's brand new, self-titled debut album in our iTunes--hard--and even though we haven't memorized the songs yet, we can already see ourselves belting out the hooks in our car this weekend.

Whew. Okay, now that our confession's out of the way, here's the latest on your favorite Idol. Chuleta stopped by MTV Tr3s on Tuesday, and he let the folks at Blogamole know that he's still single, though not necessarily looking. "There isn’t anyone I am interested in right now...I have been mainly focusing on my music and making sure everything goes well. Waiting for the right girl to come."

We know most of you ladies are not under 18 (David is still 16 years old), and thus you will not be distraught by this news (but we'll totally understand if you care about it). We just felt it was our duty to share.

On another note, the half-hondureño also dished a little bit about his latinidad, saying that the first song he ever sang was "Como La Flor," by Selena, and that he'd love to do a collabo with powerhouse salsa singer La India, calling her "a great singer" and "amazing." (Good choice, Chuleta!) David also revealed that while he speaks very little español, a Spanish-language version of his hit single "Crush" may be on the way!

"We have been planning on that. Right now we are working on translating it while still trying to preserve the meaning behind the song. There isn’t really a direct translation for the word crush in Spanish. So, we have been trying to find the best way to adapt it. I feel like the Spanish single would be a good way to give back to part of my culture. Even though I don’t speak amazing Spanish, I grew up with it. Both of my parents speak it."

Ah, the dilemma of translating a hit from English to Spanish. Even Shakira can't get it right; Beyonce's the only one in recent memory who did it well. As long as David doesn't switch the song title to "Enchulado," we'll be happy.