David Archuleta Debuts First Single to High Praise

The results are in, and if the response from a handful of listeners of the syndicated radio program Elvis Duran in the Morning is any indication, David Archuleta's first single will be a hit.

The diminuitive Idol second placer debuted his first single "Crush" on the radio show this morning, and sources say the singer was shaking when it first aired. But, it looks like he was nervous for nothing, as his fans have nothing but over-the-top praise for the track.

One caller named Alexandria said, "I am, like, in tears. You are absolutely amazing. You have no idea. You're so talented. You're going to have an amazing career."

But the most bowled-over was Carol, a 65-year-old woman from Colorado, who had this to say to little Chuleta: "Wow. I tell you. How many of us have ever felt the song you just sang. There are so many girls saying, 'Wow. He wrote that because he knows how I feel.' I hate it when they call you little because you're the biggest man in town."

Ok, we just snorted Diet Coke out of our nose from laughing so hard at that last comment, but we have to admit its very sweet that David has such loyal fans. David Cook may be the favorite amongst teenage girls, but Archie has the geriatric market on lock.