Daddy Yankee Talks New Album, Reggaeton Roots

Daddy Yankee is dropping a new album...and you can expect a return to his reggaeton roots!

In a panel with members of the Grammy community, Yankee, whose real name is Ramón Luis Ayala Rodriguez, offered a glimpse of his return to pure reggaeton in his new album El Imperio Nazza: King Daddy Edition.

“It’s an album with a mystic touch, a totally powerful disc for all fans who love reggaeton,” the singer told EFE. He described the latest album as a “pure, raw” work influenced by his early career but with a modern flair.

His first single “La Nueva y la Ex” hit YouTube earlier this month, racking up an impressive 1.1 million views. The artist hopes that the success of the first single translates to sales of the new album, which will only be released in digital format. 

“The new street where our business is done is the Internet. That’s where our fans go,” he said. 

Yankee, who boasts 6 million Twitter followers and 17 million Facebook fans, trusts that his extensive social media fan base will push sales of a digital album.

El Imperio Nazza: King Daddy Edition will be available for purchase October 29.

What do you think? Will you be purchasing the album? Listen to the first track below: