Daddy Yankee Says He's Not Opposed to Performing for Narcotraficantes

From now on, when Daddy Yankee endorses something, expect it to be controversial. At a press conference in Mexico City this week, the reggaeton star implied he'd gladly accept a gig to perform "for anyone," even if they're connected to the drug wars raging that are currently raging through Mexico. His defense, according to

"I have friends that I grew up with and maybe they're not all on the right path, but they are still my friends and I would not turn my back on them," explained Yankee.

Reporters asked Daddy Yankee the question because three of his fellow reggaetoneros, Don Omar and Wisin y Yandel, are currently being questioned by a federal jury in Puerto Rico about their participation in a concert which was allegedly paid for by people with drug ties.

El Cangrí also confirmed that he is recording duets with Don Omar and Flex, but if you think any Mexico City periodistas cared about that news after his seemingly pro-narco remarks...well then, surprise!

This isn't the first time that Yankee has run into opposition before. His nonprofit, Corazon Guerrero, has hit fundraising roadblocks because of its mission to provide to support to ex-convicts (i.e., not exactly a cause that corporations are looking to get behind). And it wasn't too long ago that Daddy Yankee enthusiastically threw his support toward Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, which ignited a heated debate among Latino voters although both sides on that issue have perfectly sound arguments. By contrast, public opinion on the subject of narcotraficantes is almost completely one-sided...except, of course, for those who profit from drug trafficking. And apparently Daddy Yankee would not be opposed to joining that illustrious group of individuals.

Oh, Yankee. Whose rights will you advocate for next? Racial profilers? Oil tycoons? We can't wait to find out.

What do you think about Daddy Yankee's remarks implying that he'll sing for narcotraficantes?