Cucu Diamantes Show Canceled After Juanes's Paz Sin Fronteras Concert in Cuba

Cuban born recording artist Cucu Diamantes (of Yerba Buena fame) was recently scheduled to perform at Union City High School in New Jersey, but the show was canceled after her performance at Juanes's controversial Paz Sin Fronteras concert in Havana, Cuba.

The New Jersey Board of Education apparently received complaints from some community members and subsequently decided to cancel the show. A statement released by the board said:

“We must cancel the contract, due to your client’s recent performance at the Paz Sin Fronteras in Cuba, our community, which is comprised of approximately 85 % Cuban immigrants, became enraged at the thought of the High School supporting an artist who would perform in Cuba. The community came together and threatened civil unrest, protests and the like at the grand opening gala if the High School went ahead with its plans to allow Ms. Diamantes to perform.”

It's sad that the NJ Board of Education let politics trump free speech. Especially since a lot of the ruckus died down surrounding Juanes's decision to hold the Sept. 20 Paz Sin Fronteras concert in Cuba after most realized that it was a call for unity and peace, and not a radical political agenda.