These Cubanas Explore Black Female Identity One Canción at a Time

AfroRazones is a sick new multimedia project exploring Black identity, struggle and history in Cuba – with plenty of female representation.

The compilation album, which debut on April 28, includes canciones from island-based artists, bringing the sounds of Cuban hip-hop and r&b to the world at a time when the country itself opens its borders in a major political moment.

AfroRazones includes 12 tracks by six men and six women. Here are some of the cubanas you can hear on the mixtape, which you can stream in full on Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music.

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(Photo Credit: Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi of Fistup.TV)


1. Yissy Calibre

Cubanas Black Female Identity Self

Yissy Calibre, half of the Cuban duo Golpe Seko, mixes the traditional music of her isla with jazz and reggea to produce a hip-hop sound that's all her own. Advocating for women's right, in hip-hop and beyond, listen to Yissy on "Afroniche."

2. Rositik

Cubanas Black Female Identity Pair

Rositik, director and vocalist of the Company Yoruba group, prefers to fuse rap with folklore, reggae, dubstep, son, and electronic rhythms. The cubana, who makes ancient sounds timeless, can be heard on “Yo No Soy.”

3. La Reyna y La Real

Cubanas Black Female Identity Duet

The mujeres of Cuban duo La Reyna y La Real started as independent artists before joining forces in 2012, femme-ing up the hip-hop scene heavy. Rapping over combined jazz, electronic, reggae, blues, salsa and son sounds, the Black talents explore and reflect on their lives as women, using humor throughout. Catch them on “Si No Te Gusta OK.”

(Photo Credit: Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi of Fistup.T)

4. Luz de Cuba

Cubanas Black Female Identity Group

Luz de Cuba is a beloved spoken word poet in her country, shedding light on Cuban womanhood and blackness in every word she spits. Hear her on “Identidad.”

5. Sigrid

Cubanas Black Female Identity Headshot

Coming from a family of musicians, Sigrid's own musical style is varied, mixing r&b, neo-soul, rap, son and jazz. Catch her alluring voice on AfroRazones' "Iyami."

6. Renovación Urbana

Cubanas Black Female Identity Couple

In this girl-boy duo, Renovación Urbana, made up of director Baniel Roche Corzo and vocalist Yaimel Camps López, fuse hip-hop and dynamiticism to reflect the experience of the public.