Cuban Rapper Yotuel Romero On the End of the Orishas: "We Had a Good Time"

The bad news: Cuban hip-hop group Orishas isn’t reuniting any time soon. The trio called it quits last year at the Juanes-organized Paz Sin Fronteras concert in Havana, where they sang their mega-hit “A lo Cubano” live for the very last time. The good news: The group’s vocalist, Yotuel Romero, has reinvented himself with the solo project Afro Cuban Punk. We caught up with him at the Latin Alternative Music Conference and talked to him about the historic concert and how he feels about the end of the band that shot him into the international spotlight:

You participated in the Paz Sin Fronteras concert with Juanes—how was that experience?
It was great especially knowing that that was our last show as Orishas. That was probably more intense than the concept behind the concert. We had a few things going on: We wanted to give some peace to our hometown and we were doing our last performance as a group. When I got off the stage, I said ‘thank you, Cuba, thank you, Orishas, but we have to go our own way.’

So Orishas is no more?
It’s in the past. We had a good time. It’s preferable to end on a good note than to be doing things mechanically, and not have it make sense.