5 Best Quotes From 'Clueless'

Before Mean Girls, there was Clueless. Anyone who grew up in the 90s can probably quote the movie from beginning-to-end. But did you know that your favorite movie also starred one fabulous Latina? Yep, it's true. Stacey Dash, who played Dionne ‘Dee’ Davenport in the 1995 film, is part Mexicana. In honor of Miss Dash, let’s take a look at a few of the funniest scenes from one of the best 90s flicks:

1. R.S.V.P.

When Cher (played by Alicia Silverstone) is asked to give a speech about Haitian refugees, she offers a completely random anecdote about her father's garden party...and hilariously mispronounces the word Haitians. 

Cher: I said RSVP because it was a sit-down dinner! But people came that like, did not RSVP. So I was like totally bugging. I had to haul ass to the kitchen, redistribute the food, squish in extra place settings. But, by the end of the day, it was like the more, the merrier. So, if the government could just get to the kitchen, rearrange a few things, we could party with the Haitians. In conclusion, may I please remind you that it does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty! 

2. Social Life

After bemoaning the state of physical education at Beverly Hills High School, Cher, Dionne, and Amber all come up with a series of incredible excuses to get out of playing tennis. 

Dionne: I have a note from my tennis instructor, and he would prefer it if I didn't expose myself to any training that might derail his teachings.

Ms. Stoeger: Fine, Amber! 

Amber: Ms. Stoeger, my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any sort of activity where balls fly at my nose.

Dionne: Well, there goes your social life. 

3. Makeover

No chick-flick is complete without a makeover scene, and Clueless does not disappoint. When Cher and Dionne agree to take on Tai as their pet-project, they give her an incredible makeover -- and transform her from a plain Jane to a total Betty. 

Cher: Let's do a makeover!

Tai: No...

Dionne: C'mon, let us! Cher's main thrill in life is a makeover. It gives her a sense of control is a world full of chaos. 


4. Freeway

Cher and Dionne are both sweet girls...but let's face it, horrible drivers. When Dionne accidentally veers onto the freeway while learning to drive with her boyfriend (played by Donald Faison), she gets herself into a hilariously terrifying situation. After the threesome almost dies, Cher has an existential awakening.

Cher: Boy, getting off the freeway makes you realize how important love is.

5. "I am not a Mexican!"

Ay, Cher! Her housekeeper, Lucy, faces one typical Latino problem when Cher tells her that she doesn't "speak Mexican." Excuse me, Cher? No one speaks Mexican! And Lucy is from El Salvador!

Cher: What was that all about? 

Josh: She's from El Salvador! 

Cher: So?

Josh: It's an entirely different country! You get upset if people think you live below Sunset.