EXCLUSIVE: Cierra Ramirez is Grown & Sexy on Her Debut EP ‘Discreet’

Exclusive: Cierra Ramirez Is A Grown Ass Woman On Her Debut EP, ‘Discreet’

Cierra Ramirez is a unicorn. Hear us out.

She’s a Mex-lombian — Mexican and Colombian. Yet, beyond her rich cultural backgrounds of two groups that rarely get together outside a fùtbol field, she’s also an anomaly because she’s a talented actress who also happens to be a pretty damn good singer—wavy certified. The Fosters star’s Discreet EP is full of exuberance, trap beats, and sexuality and we’re loving it.

Read on to find out Miss Thang’s approach to making one of the summer’s surprise bangers, the new season of her hit Freeform show, and what throwback reality show she’s binge watching.

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After listening to your EP, Discreet, I don’t think anyone is going to confuse for a young teenager. You sound like a grown ass woman!

[Laughs] I got the baby face and I play 16 on TV but not a lot of people know that I am 21. I liked being able to wait this long and I think I’m finally coming out with it at the right time. It was a really fun process to kind of play around with different sounds and inspirations for the EP. When we were going into it I was very inspired by Fergie in the sense that she can do it all and she does it well. Fergie was definitely an inspiration.

One of the best tracks is “G.M.T.H.” It sounded like a 2016 version of Junior Mafia’s “Get Money.”

Thank you! It was fun and that’s how I went into it the whole time it was definitely out of my comfort zone. It had kind of a Rae Sremmurd vibe and I was like as different as this is I just want to try it and from the get-go it was just a blast. It ended up being one of my favorite songs on the EP. I like the way songs can make you feel. Like Rihanna sets my mood up for the night when I’m going out and it’s the kind of vibe I wanted to give people with this song.

So the EP is full of fun, banging songs but not too personal lyric-wise. Are you saving that for your full-length album?

Exactly. Right now we’re just working on releasing this it’s been a long time coming, I’m really excited. A lot of people were aware of me being a singer before an actress but it’s been cool to introduce this as well to people that don’t know. I’m really wanting to get a lot more personal on the LP so that’s gonna be coming shortly after and hopefully a House of Blues tour at the end of the summer.

You’re part of this new pack of Latinas redefining what it means to be Latina. You have Jennifer Lopez here, then you have the Gina Rodriguezs and now you.

Thank you, that means a lot. Jennifer Lopez has opened so many doors for girls like me to get to where we want to be. To even be on that spectrum like you’re saying is a huge blessing. I’ve always loved to represent so yeah it’s a huge honor.

You’re Mexican and Colombian. Which culture was more dominant when you were growing up?

I mean all of my dad’s family is in Colombia but I haven’t visited and I’m really wanting to sometime soon but all my mom’s family was in Texas growing up with me. So I think the Mexican influence definitely was stronger in the household, but I do love me some arepas. I love Colombian food!

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