Christina Aguilera: "I'm in Love with My Life"

The only thing dirrty about Christina Aguilera's life these days are her son Max Liron Bratman's diapers, but she doesn't mind one bit. The new mom says "I'm in love with my life," and is looking forward to adding more kids to her brood.

"Absolutely, we'll definitely have more kids," she told People at the Africa Rising concert in London Tuesday. How many? "I don't know. We'll play it by ear."

For now, Christina is following Jessica Alba's lead of being a working mom. So 9-month-old Max is a regular in the recording studio and on the tour bus.

" Mama has to work, Mama has to do a job," Christina says, adding, "I think it's important to share what I love—what makes me me—with my son. So I change diapers and I breastfeed him and I play with him and then I work. I want to show Max everything about me."

It's great that Christina wants Max to know everything about her, but maybe she should keep some of the stuff from her Dirrty days locked in the closet until he gets a little older...