Rapper’s Delight: Chris Porter's Mission is to Make Hip-Hop Fun Again

The Brooklyn Nets and L.A. Clippers may have went into double-overtime, but a buzzed about newcomer had full court advantage. Although the high-spirited rapper Chris Porter’s showcase was delayed as a result of the game, the liveliness of the posh post-game venue, the Billboard Lounge, was intense. 

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Porter’s show wasn’t arranged for women who lurk in corners judging other women’s outfits. Nope — his music was created for the women who came to shake something. “I want to bring the fun back to hip-hop," he told Latina. "Things are a little dark, still good, but I want to bring the light back and the excitement. I’m not the too cool for school guy,” said the rising emcee.

“The Water Dance,” Porter’s single featuring Mr. Worldwide (Pitbull) has well over 3.6 million streams on Spotify, with no signs of slowing down. That’s not too shabby for a new artist. His most recent video, for the song “Catwalk Killer,” was shot in Cartagena, Columbia—model-like struts from gorgeous women of all ethnicities included.

“I foresee 2017 being my biggest year ever. My upcoming single is called “Look At Me Dance,” and I’ll be dropping the visual top of 2017. Also, I have something coming up with one of the biggest Latin stars of all time,” Porter said.

At the end of the interview, we received the cue that Porter was okay to jump on stage, and jump was exactly what he did! Porter’s presence requires your undivided attention — he is dedicated to his showmanship and left even his twin backup dancers winded. The only people who couldn'’t catch the vibe owned two left feet.

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His Trinidadian roots shine through his footwork, while his lyrics make your head spin. Porter offers what hip-hop is missing: a good time. So, fellas, if your idea of nightlife is standing still and trying to look tough, Porter isn’t for you. Once the spotlight reaches the light-eyed rapper’s face, your girlfriend will rush the stage. If this showcase was a reflection of what's to come, then Porter is going to be a problem in 2017. 

Get to know Porter's music above.