Carlos Santana: "I'm Just Like Mother Theresa"

Carlos Santana is holier than thou. At least, that's what the Mexican guitar hero told reporters at a press conference during the Viña del Mar music festival in Chile, where he explained that his life's work has the same healing power as that of one legendary nun. 

"I consider myself to be just like Mother Theresa," said Santana. "My work is music, but just like her I come to heal people, because many people in this world are not happy. 

The groovy rocker continued, "I use music to lift spirits and so that the molecules of every person can remember that we come from the light and we can change the world to rid ourselves of all this war. What I want more than anything is world peace." 

As do we, Carlos—we're just not sure that hearing you play "Oye Como Va" is the way to do it. While that tune is definitely a cure for the Monday blues (just listen to it now, and see if it doesn't lighten your mood!), it's not really what drives people to feed starving children or find a cure for cancer. 

What do you think of Santana's comments? Is he as much of a healer as Mother Theresa was?