10 Things You Didn't Know About Carlito Olivero

Anyone who watches The X Factor already knows: there’s a hot, new Latino on the music scene! Carlito Olivero, 24, has been wooing the judges, the audience...and, let’s be real, the ladies since he first took the stage at his Los Angeles audition. 

The Puerto Rican and Mexican hottie hails from Chicago, but packed up his bags in 2010 and made the trek to Hollywood to pursue a career in entertainment. Finally, he got his big break earlier this year when he auditioned for The X Factor USAand wowed judges Simon Cowell, Paulina Rubio, Demi Lovato, and Kelly Rowland. 

It doesn’t look like Carlito is going anywhere anytime soon, so we’ve compiled the 10 things you need to know about the Latino: 


He’s been making music since he was a kid:

Carlito posted this adorable throwback of him donning a cowboy hat and attempting to play the guitar. At an age when most of us were still toying around with our Barbies and action figures, The X Factor contestant was already dreaming of a life on stage. According to his website, Carlito has been singing and performing since he was just five-years-old! 


He’s a former member of Menudo.

Along with Ricky Martin and Draco Rosa, Carlito is part of an elite club of Latino singers who can call themselves former Menudo members. The singer took part in an MTV reality series called Making Menudo, and earned a spot in the infamous Latin boy band. Watch their music video for “Perdido Sin Ti." Boy’s got some serious moves.


He can whip up a mean cup of joe. 

The Chicago-native worked as a barista at a coffee shop while trying to make it in Hollywood. “I’m always the guy that’s so happy at 5 o’clock in the morning,” he said at his initial The X Factor audition. “I just chugged like six espresso shots. I’m singing my butt off! I’m singing to customers!” Luckily for us, the Latino heartthrob now gets to share his talent with all of America!


He’s a talented dancer. 

Boy can work it! Carlito melted hearts everywhere when he showed off his killer moves during a performance of Gloria Estefan’s hit “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.” 


He tried his luck at acting. 

Carlito appeared in the 2012 flick We the Party, which starred fellow Latino Moises Arias. The film is set in a diverse Los Angeles high school, and takes a brutally honest look at millennial culture -- including the confusion, hopes, and aspirations of modern teenagers. Check out the trailer.


He wants to be the next Prince Royce.

Prince Royce better watch out! When we chatted with Carlito, he told us, “I definitely felt like I needed to let [Paulina] know that as much as I’m willing to work hard for this...in the industry, on both sides, there’s not enough Latinos at all. We definitely have our Prince Royce, but other than that, there’s no youth artist.” Could Carlito Olivero be the next big thing? 


Ladies, he loves Selena, too!

Let’s be real, we all want someone to jam out to Selena in the car with us. Carlito’s got you covered. The hottie sang a beautiful bilingual rendition of “Dreaming of You” on The X Factor. Listen here, but caution: you may walk away with a major crush on the Latino. 


He’s looking for a sassy woman. 

“I love girls with attitude,” he told us, “I mean, people think I’m weird, but I love crazy girls. A girl who can fight with me!” According to his Instagram, he’s also looking for a Latina lady who can cook up a delicious plate of arroz con pollo…and who can blame him? Carlito, stop by Latina HQ, and we can definitely make that happen. 


He represents his Latino culture through music. 

When asked about the importance of giving bilingual performances, Carlito answered, “I think it’s definitely important! It’s only right to give back to your culture!” He's also stated in the past that he's focused on pursuing a bilingual music career, and that he looks up to the career of Marc Anthony, who sings in both English and español. 


He has an unusual celebration ritual.

After his  firstThe X Factor audition, Carlito said he wanted to celebrate...with a big bowl of carbs! “I’ve been on a strict diet for the past month, trying to get this six pack. I’ve been running; I’ve been working out. Cutting out all carbs,” he said. “I just want a nice bowl of cereal. I haven’t had a bowl of cereal in a minute.”