Camila Cabello Shares On Her Chronic Fear of Dancing & How She Conquered It


From slaying the stage during the Latin American Music Awards in September to her sensual salsa moves in her 'Havana' music video, Camila Cabello was tagged as a dancer. But this wasn't always the case for the Cuban beauty. 

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Though the 20-year-old is considered to be a natural when it came to dancing, she expressed how self-conscious and uncomfortable it once made her feel. In a recent interview with PEOPLE Chica, the former Fifth Harmony member said, "To be honest, I never used to dance when I was little. I was super shy. I would cry at all the holiday parties when people started dancing, but music has pulled it out of me." She remembered her abuelita thinking she was a "lost cause" due to her younger days, but claims she has conquered her fear of dancing. Cabello has spoken out about her anxiety throughout her musical career and continues to empower others to overcome their mental health struggles. 

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The brunette beauty embodies her Cuban roots in the music video 'Havana' alongside some super gupado male dancers as she body rolls and shakes to the sexy beats. In the novela inspired video, the singer is seen with YouTube star Lele Pons, who plays her sister, and internet famous comedian, LeJuan James as her abuela. Cabello expressed that the song and video pays homage to the bond she has with her grandmother and cultural pride. “It’s a mix of the kind of music that I listened to growing up around the house and the kind of music that I listen to now,” she told PEOPLE Chica