Buika Collaborates with Almodóvar and Seal

Afro-flamenco songstress Concha Buika is in high-demand these days. Not only did filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar praise her singing abilities in the liner notes of her last album El Último Trago, but apparently he’s a big fan of her acting chops as well. The Spanish auteur cast the 39-year-old in his latest film, La Piel Que Habita, starring Antonio Banderas and Marisa Paredes. The movie, which is currently filming in Spain, is inspired by Thierry Jonquet’s book Tárantula, about a plastic surgeon that wants to create a new skin after his wife burns to death.

Buika hasn’t abandoned her music career though. She has two songs on the film’s soundtrack. One is a Brazilian track and the other is a duet with Mexican crooner Agustín Lara called "Se Me Hizo Facil."

Speaking of duets, the singer also lent her voice to Seal’s new album, Commitment. The pair collaborated on the single "You Get Me." "The track is in English. It’s a beautiful song that Seal wrote,” says Buika. "It’s about devotion. Imagine someone tells you “you get me,” just like the rays of the sun have trapped me. To love someone like that is wonderful. I loved it.”