LISTEN: Bruno Mars is Showing Off the 'Versace on the Floor' With New Single

LISTEN: Bruno Mars
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Bruno Mars is gifting us with some more music. 

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The singer just released another song off of his album 24K Magic. The song is called "Versace on the Floor" and it sounds like a late '80s and early '90s song about making love. Could he be talking about the love that goes down between him and his beautiful girlfriend, Jessica Caban. We think yes! 

“At a certain point, I needed to stop telling you we’re gonna get down, and just get down," he told Rolling Stone about the song. 

Mars has been very busy releasing new music so we can't wait to see what other material he's going to have on his album dropping Nov. 18. Another thing that Mars recently did was cover Adele's song "All I Ask," which he actually helped cowrite. 

"But [Adele] was so gangster about it," he told Rolling Stones. "She was like, 'Nope. That's what it has to be.' And she was right. It's this grand word that makes the song bigger because no one says it. Because nobody talks like that, it pops out. It's not 'what boyfriends-and-girlfriends do'—it's this over-the-top 'lovers.' Sometimes I play it on the piano, and I look forward to singing that part. It's f--king perfect."

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Listen to him covering the song below and get ready to be blown away: