Bromance Blooms Between Juan Luis Guerra and Enrique Iglesias

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Looks like Enrique Iglesias left a big impression on Dominican crooner Juan Luis Guerra when the pair collaborated on the bachata hit “Cuando Me Enamoro” off of the Spanish singer’s latest album Euforia (out now on Universal Latin).

“I really enjoyed working with Enrique. He has a great sense of humor,” Guerra told “He’s always making really clever jokes; you have to pay attention. He’s really smart.”

The track was composed and written by Iglesias. The only thing Guerra suggested was to add bongos and maracas before the duo began to jam. Otherwise the ballad was perfect, according to the Dominicano. “[Enrique]’s a great worker. I could tell that from what he did with this song. He was very confident that it would work out. He knows what he wants. His songs are really good.” But what the music veteran admires most about the Spaniard is his “charisma.”

"He’s one of the few Latin artists that have been able to cross over [between the English and Spanish-speaking worlds]," Guerra explains. "He deserves double the merit. He’s a young guy and I wish him the best in his career. He’ll achieve whatever he wants." Talk about singing Enrique's praises!

Watch the video for “Cuando Me Enamoro” and see sparks fly!


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