5 Latino Influences From Beyonce's New Album

Beyoncé shocked fans worldwide last week when she dropped her new video album BEYONCÉ without a moments warning. We quickly downloaded the entire album, listening to it four, five, six times before we started to notice a trend. Is it just us, or is there definitely some Latino flavor in Queen Bey's newest endeavor?

Here are the 5 Latino influences we noticed in Beyoncé's newest album: 

P.S. We've included 30 second clips of the videos, but for the full fun get her album at iTunes

1. "Blue"

Beyoncé’s glorious tribute to her daughter, Blue Ivy, was shot in Rio de Janeiro. The video is an superb and vibrant snapshot of life in the Brazilian metropolis, and shows off the unique cultural flair of the people of the city. We love the frames of niños playing soccer, nuns breaking bread together, Latin American teens passing the time playing pool or soccer, and laughing musicians jamming on street corners. At the end, Beyoncé slips on a Brazilian football jersey, throws off her shoes, and plays a game of barefoot fútbol with some children.

2. "Yoncé"

Recognize the model in the video? Yep, that’s Puerto Rican Joan Smalls licking Beyoncé’s breast! The sassy video, which also features models Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn and was directed by Ricky Saiz, is a gritty, sexy nod to George Michael’s “Freedom” music video

3. "Heaven"

“Heaven” is an emotional tribute to Beyoncé’s first pregnancy, which resulted in a miscarriage. The touching video portrays Beyoncé living through some of life's most beautiful moments -- the moments she should have shared with her first child. At the end of the video, the music fades away, and a voice is heard reciting the words to "Padre Nuestro" in Spanish. 

4. "No Angel"

Filmed in Beyoncé's hometown of Houston, "No Angel" offers a snapshot of the Latino-dominated city. Harris County, Texas boasts the 2nd-largest Hispanic population in the United States, with over 1.73 million people identifying as Latino in the metropolitan area. It's no wonder Beyoncé's music and videos have so much Latino flair...chica grew up in a Hispanic hot spot! 

5. "Pretty Hurts"

Beyoncé's video for "Pretty Hurts" shows the gritty, destructive side of beauty pageants. The ballad portrays the ugly side of the pursuit for "perfection." We applaud Beyoncé for shedding light on a dangerous trend among women today, and for encouraging all women to accept themselves as beautiful, brilliant, and intelligent. It's definitely an important lesson that all Latina women should come to embrace! Not to mention...we all know Latinas are some of the most naturally beautiful chicas in the universe! We rock the beauty pageants...just ask current Miss Universe, Venezuelan Gabriela Isler