The Best of Juanes: 10 Videos To Hold Us Over Until His Return

It was the tweet that nearly broke two million hearts: on Tuesday, Juanes took to the Internet to announce that he would be taking a hiatus from music to dedicate time to his family and to himself. While we keep a hawkish eye on Twitter for signs of his return—it won’t be long, he promises—we’ll try to hold ourselves together by reminiscing over some favorite videos from our Colombian idol:

1. Juanes “Fotografia” feat. Nelly Furtado

“Fotografia” feat. Nelly Furtado

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Juanes picked some great ones for this, his duet with Nelly Furtado from the album Un Dia Normal. And the line, “que tu ausencia me devora entero el corazon…” we understand completely.

2. Juanes “La Calle” with Juan Luis Guerra

“La Calle” with Juan Luis Guerra
Two musical masters trading verses over a beat of guaracha and rock? A dream come true for us. 

3. Juanes: “A Dios Le Pido”

“A Dios Le Pido”

This song became an anthem for peace throughout Latin America (“may my country not shed so much blood and may my people rise up"), but we’re guessing this track—with lyrics asking God to protect Juanes’ family, children and friends—has a deeply personal meaning as well.

4. Juanes: “La Camisa Negra”

“La Camisa Negra” 

In this chart-topping acoustic ballad, Juanes took to his guitar—and his wardrobe—to send a strong message to the one who hurt him. Even though it signifies his broken heart, he still looks great in a black shirt.

5. Juanes: “Volverte A Ver”

“Volverte A Ver”

Juanes channels his inner filmmaker in this narrative-driven video featuring a husband yearning for his wife. We, however, are yearning to put our hands through Juanes’ long, luscious locks.

6. Juanes: “Mala Gente”

“Mala Gente” 

Speaking of long, luscious locks…

7. Juanes: “Fijate Bien”

“Fijate Bien”

We love that Juanes is not afraid to get political with his music and social messages have always been a part of his creative work ever since his first album, Fijate Bien. The title track is about the plight of displaced land mine victims in Colombia. Compassion—it’s a beautiful thing.

8. Juanes: “Rebelion”


Covering this powerful song by salsa legend and fellow colombiano Joe Arroyo was a gutsy move, but Juanes knocked it out of the park when he did it live on stage during his La Vida…Es Un Ratico tour in 2007. The results were so good, he added the live performance to the album’s bonus CD.

9. Juanes: “La Paga,” World Cup Kick-Off Concert feat. Taboo

“La Paga,” World Cup Kick-Off Concert feat. Taboo

FIFA fever reached a new pitch when Juanes and the Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo performed this remix of Juanes’ hit “La Paga” at the special concert kicking off the 2010 World Cup. The concert, which also featured performances by Shakira, Alicia Keys and John Legend, was broadcast in over 150 countries, and was perhaps the last time there was harmony among so many nationalities before competitiveness for la copa took over!

10. Juanes: Concert for Peace, Havana

Concert for Peace, Havana

We may drool over his dark locks, smoldering eyes and toned arms, but what made us fall in love with Juanes is his huge heart. His lifelong commitment to peace—a driving force behind his music—reached new levels when he performed for hundreds of thousands of Cubans in La Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana in 2009. To say the concert was controversial is an understatement: he received angry criticism and even death threats from some Cuban-Americans not in tune with his message, but in the end, Juanes refused to let his voice be silenced.