Ben Affleck: Jennifer Lopez Video Nearly Ruined My Career

Ben Affleck may be on top of his game now—great marriage, adorable daughter, promising future behind the camera—but he's still kind of bitter about his "Bennifer" days. In a recent interview he talks about his shame over the 2002 "Jenny from the Block" music video he made with then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez (you remember, the one where he's rubbing suntan lotion on her nalgas): "If I have a big regret, it was doing the music video. But that happened years ago. I've moved on."

Ben goes on to say he doesn't fault J. Lo for his near ruination: "It not only makes me look like a petulant fool (to blame Lopez), but it surely qualifies as ungentlemanly? For the record, did she hurt my career? No."

Riiiigght. So it wasn't a string of bad movies starting with Reindeer Games in 2000 and a general lack of on-screen appeal that ruined your career, right Ben? It was a music video. What else can we blame on a music video? Global warming? The Mets' losing streak? The economy? Well, just for old times' sake, here's another look at the infamous clip. Watch and tell us...what would you like to blame on "Jenny from the Block"?