Belinda Debuts New Video "Egoista" Featuring Pitbull

The Mexican press can’t stop talking about pop star Belinda’s extra thin physique these days, even going so far as to suggest that the 20-year-old has an eating disorder despite her repeated claims that the weight loss is due to being overworked. After all, she’s been busy promoting her latest album Carpe Diem (Capitol Latin) and getting over a recent breakup with footballer Giovani Dos Santos, who’s currently playing for Mexico’s national team in the 2010 World Cup.

Just yesterday, the singer unveiled her new video for the song “Egóista,” a duet with Pitbull (yup, Mr. 305 himself) that proves opposites do attract. “I recorded in Los Angeles and he in Miami. We met in person the first time we performed the song together,” says Belinda. “It was a timid encounter amid dozens of people who were photographing us. When we got on stage, it was like we’d been together for two weeks. There was incredible chemistry.” The song is definitely catchy. Whether it’ll expand the young singer’s audience remains to be seen.

Check out the video below. It follows an Alice in Wonderland theme similar to the album cover. Beli, as her fans call her, not only co-directed it (with Vance Burberry) but she was also involved in the script and choreography. So, we say to the Mexican press: Back off. All of that stress can take a toll on a girl!