Behind the Scenes: J.Lo's "On the Floor" Music Video

We were super excited to hear that Jennifer Lopez was already shooting the music video for her new single, “On the Floor!”

The new American Idol judge looks absolutely stunning (as usual) and the energy of the video really does make you want to just dance."I play one character where she kind of runs this party, acts like she’s kind of over it, but at the same time loves it and loves this kind of underground kind of party dance culture," explains Lopez. "So I got to be wild and crazy, and I got to be sexy and sweet too."

Both the video and club jam features Cuban rapper, Pitbull, who told MTV News, “When you get these big, big house records or club records that are very global, I try to come in on what I was raised on, what I’m a fan of, which is just spitting hard.”

We can't wait to see Jenny from the Block and Mr. 305 in the finished product, but for now, this behind the scenes video will have to do: