Becky G Releases EP "Play It Again"

Good news, Beasters! Musical artist and the new face of CoverGirl Becky G. announced the release of her new EP titled “Play It Again”.

The EP has 5 songs including “Play It Again” and “Lovin What You Do”, and has a track featuring Pitbull titled “Can’t Get Enough”. On it’s first day, the EP broke into the top 100 on iTunes.

The young Mexican-American artist spread the news of her EP by taking social media by storm. She retweeted many support Tweets from her fan base, also known as the “beasters”, and posted a picture of her self-purchased EP on her Instagram account stating:

“This picture might be a bit conceited in some people eyes but yes I just bought my own EP on iTunes... Not just because I think it's AWESOME but because I worked really hard and had so much fun recording these songs... This EP and upcoming album mean alot to me... thank you to my family, to my amazing team second family and last but not least my BEASTERS! <3”

The singer, songwriter, and rapper has immersed herself in the hip hop genre since her YouTube debut in 2011 and hasn’t stopped since. She’s made a mixtape titled @itsbeckygomez and has been featured in Ke$ha’s remix of “Die Young” alongside Juicy J. and Wiz Khalifa.

As her success suggests, she’s passionate about music. On her official website,, she says that she “wanted to pursue music in whatever way possible. growing up.”

Congrats on the EP, Becky G! We can’t wait to see what’s next.