'Backstreet Boys' 20th Anniversary: The 20 Hottest Photos of Puertorriqueño Howie Dorough!

Backstreet’s back, alright!  It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Howie Dorough and his (Backstreet) Boys joined voices to take the music world by storm.

Two years after forming the band in Orlando, Florida, the 39-year-old Puerto Rican singer and his band mates released their debut single “We’ve Got It Goin’ On” in 1995. In the years that followed, the Backstreet Boys proved they really did have it goin’ on, selling more than 130 million albums worldwide.

And the band, which recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, will be back with new music this year and we can't wait! In the meantime though, we thought we'd honor the Boys' 20 year anniversary with a look at the 20 hottest photos of our Latino backstreet boy -- the one and only Howie Dorough!


1. Howie Dorough 01

Feel the ‘Beat’

During the Backstreet Boys’ heyday, Dorough looked more like a bad boy in this photo for Tiger Beat.

2. Howie Dorough 2

A Perfect Mix…

Howie Dorough’s madrecita is Puerto Rican, while his late father was Irish American, which explains why the 39-year-old singer is a perfectly attractive mix!

3. Howie Dorough 3

Eternal Flame

Talk about a fiery fox! Dorough looks swoon-worthy (in all red no less!) standing in front of a flame background.  To quote The Bangles’ hit song, he’s our “eternal flame!”

4. Howie Dorough 4

‘Soxy’ Beast!

It’s hard to resist Dorough’s charm when he flashes his pearly whites, like he did at this press conference in Boston, where he showed support for the city’s beloved Red Sox.

5. Howie Dorough 5

As Long As You Love Me…

There’s no denying that Dorough looks finest when he’s strutting his stuff on stage. He’s got some serious swagger!

6. Howie Dorough 6

Give Him a Hand

During Backstreet Boys’ reign on the charts, the handsome Dorough changed up his look by letting his hair grow out, which made us appreciate his boyish looks even more.

7. Howie Dorough 7

Prince Charming

In this photo, Dorough looks quite dashing in his leather jacket and deep-v tee.

8. Howie Dorough 8

A Star Among Us

Dorough looked fetching at the special ceremony on Monday, where the Backstreet Boys received their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Following the presentation, Dorough and the gang even hit the ground, so to speak, to pose with their heads next to their new estrella.

9. Howie Dorough 9

Well Suited

The attractive singer is well-suited for television, including serving as a presenter at awards shows.

10. Howie Dorough 10

Habla Con Ella

Sure, Dorough has striking good looks… But there’s another reason he’s so attractive to us… He speaks fluent Spanish!

11. Howie Dorough 11

Ojos Asi!

Look into Dorough’s eyes and try not to melt… We dare you! We admit we’re slightly obsessed with his piercing peepers.

12. Howie Dorough 12

I Want It That Way!

Dorough’s wife, Leigh Boniello, is one lucky lady… She gets to wake up to that smile every morning, which makes us think of a Backstreet song, “I Want It That Way!”

13. Howie Dorough 13

Tough Guy!

In most photos of Dorough, it’s easy to see he’s the Backstreet Boys’ sweetest member…  Maybe that’s why we like this image, because we’re able to see he has a little edge. iAy caramba!

14. Howie Dorough 14

Feel the ‘Burn’…

Be careful! You just might get scorched when watching Dorough perform. That’s because he really does smolder on stage.

15. Howie Dorough 15

A Giving Man

Call him an equal partner… Dorough’s favorite song is "All I Have to Give" for one reason: it allowed him to share the limelight with his band mates, “It's one of the first songs that the five of us were featured on the lead,” Dorough tells Huffington Post, adding “I just think it has such a great sonic sound with all the melodies and harmonies. It has a little bit of a mixture of R&B and a pop sound. It's just a really good feel-good song.” 

16. Howie Dorough 16

Sit Next to Me

Dorough seems to have mastered his come-hither look in this image, which makes us want to take a seat right next to him. 

17. Howie Dorough 17

Roses are Red…

Roses are red, Howie’s a doll, how can you not fall for him smile and all? Yes, yes… It’s a cheesy poem, but Dorough makes us giddy like a school girl!


18. Howie Dorough 18

Why So Serious?

Sizzle, sizzle! Dorough, sexy pout and all, pumps up the sex appeal while looking hot-hot-hot in this image.


19. Howie Dorough 19

Simply Stunning

Sure, he’s the member of the biggest boy band ever… But in this image, Dorough – with his boy next door looks – shows he’s still down-to-earth. Aww!

20. Howie Dorough 20

Forever Grateful…

How can you not love a man who appreciates his fans? “We were lucky that we created a great fan base over the years,” Dorough told Huffington Post. “We've all had our highs and lows at different times throughout the years, but the fact that we had these loyal fans that just stayed with us all around the world is what's been able to keep us alive.”