Aventura Says Band Still Together; Romeo Signs $10 Million Solo Contract

Though Aventura has officially denied the rumors AOL music had confirmed of the band's break-up, it sure seems like the members of the mega-hit bachata group are ready to go their own way.

Romeo just announced a solo deal with Jive records worth a cool $10 million, for starters. The new contract requires at least five solo efforts from Aventura's frontman, with his first album expected to drop around October of 2011.

"Each one of the guys is focused on individual projects, but the intent is that they return in 2012 or 2013," explained the group's manager, Johnny Marines.

Henry Santos' own solo album will drop in early 2011, while Max and Lenny are starting their own business. The brothers plan on forming their own music production company, where they'll focus on working with urban talent. So far, Romeo is the only member who has managed to land a big-budget solo deal. Hmm, perhaps he's planning on pulling a Timberlake?

Franklin Romero, president of Premium Latin Music (who currently own Aventura's recording contract as a band) indicated that his label agreed to a temporary release for the members of the group, saying that they would not be back together as "Aventura" for 18 months to two years. Perhaps the band is not officially "breaking-up," but we definitely won't be holding our breath for the next album anytime soon.