Aventura Denies Rumors Of Name and Label Change

Seems like Aventura front man Romeo is backtracking on those statements he made a few weeks back regarding the title of their latest album, The Last. At the time he said the reason for the album title was related to the fact that the group may need to change its name in order to switch labels, emphasizing, "You need the right label and the right publicist. There are so many steps to this and you need the right team."

Well, since then, Romeo has changed his tune drastically. He now claims that rumors were totally without merit, saying, "Personally, I wouldn't continue my career in a group if it wasn't called Aventura. Generally, the commentary and rumors have been stupid lies."

The members of Aventura would be smart to stay put. Their single off The Last, entitled "Por Un Segundo" is at the top of the Hot Latin Billboard charts, which bodes very well for sales of their latest album.