Aterciopelados Get Animated for Their Latest Video

Colombian rockeros Aterciopelados have never shied away from commenting on political and social issues through their music. The band’s latest video tackles the immigration debate with lyrics and images. The clip is for the song "Bandera," which was recorded for the 2008 album Rio but might as well have been written with Arizona's controversial SB1070 legislation in mind.

"Who are you?/ Where were you born?/ Therefore you can’t enter this country," sings vocalist Andrea Echeverri.

The animated video, directed by Diego Peñalosa, follows an immigrant’s difficult journey. The first character we see is a pre-Columbian figure that falls off one of Saturn’s rings and lands on Earth, where she is quickly kicked out. Then we see a group traveling towards the United States in a truck, and just when they’re about to reach the border they are set on fire by Lady Liberty’s torch. Another segment shows a barge full of undocumented folks get hit by a tidal wave.

Finally, the words "Illegal," "Clandestine" and "Immigrante" flash across the screen as the pre-Columbian figure continues to walk the globe alone. Although the cartoon quality of the video is somewhat playful, the message is not. Watch it below.