Argentina's Breakthrough Artists

In Argentina's male-dominated music scene, a strong, talented group of women are determined to do their own thing. Here, and in the April 2010 issue of Latina, these musical women are featured in their elements, doing what they love.

Click through the slideshow to see video of some of the artists featured here.

1. Argentinian Musicians - Alika

Alika, based in Buenos Aires, is a reggae/hip-hop/roots artist.

2. Argentinian Musicians - Mariana Baraj

Folklorico musician, singer and percussionist Mariana Baraj is known for her unique, modern interpretation of the traditional poetry of this genre.

3. Argentinian Musicians - Dolores Sola

Dolores Sola is a tango singer who tours internationally with her group, La Chicana.

4. Argentinian Musicians - Juana Molina

Juana Molina, known in Argentina for her comedic acting as much as for her music, is an internationally successful artist whose music features elements of ambient and electronica.

5. Argentinian Musicians - Las Kellies

Las Kellies are a punk rock group living and making music together.

6. Argentinian Musicians - Milena

Based in London and Buenos Aires, Milena is part of the glam rock scene and has recently started a new project called Shush.

7. Argentinian Musicians - The Kumbia Queers

The Kumbia Queers are an all-lesbian electro-trash group that frequently tours Mexico and South America.

8. Argentinian Musicians - Miss Bolivia

Miss Bolivia, a former psychologist, is a rapper and MC who mixes dancehall, reggae and hip-hop Latino. She lives in La Boca, a famous ghetto in Buenos Aires.

9. Argentinian Musicians - Viviana Pozzebon

Viviana Pozzebon is a contemporary artist from Cordoba.

10. Argentinian Musicians - Azukita

The music/performance group Azukita was formed in 2004 by members Santiago Blaum, Min Ko and Tatiana Saphir (pictured). They perform regularly in Buenos Aires and Berlin.

11. Argentinian Musicians - Entre Rios

Entre Rios, an indietronica group from Buenos Aires, has toured Latin America and Spain. They have influenced many other bands such as Miranda! and Belanova.

12. Argentinian Musicians - Liliana Zavela

Liliana Zavela, an alternative/hip hop percussionist originally from Cordoba, now resides in Stockholm, Sweden.

13. Argentinian Musicians - Sol Pereyra

Sol Pereyra is an indie-alt Latino artist from Cordoba, the second-largest city in Argentina after Buenos Aires. Pereyra has toured with Julieta Venegas, and splits her time between Mexico and Cordoba.

14. Argentinian Musicians - Liza Casullo

Emerging singer/songwriter Liza Casullo