Anthony 'Romeo' Santos Dishes on His New Album!

Our friends at Fox News Latino caught up with singer Anthony "Romeo' Santos about his solo album, singing Bachata with Usher, and why he isn't a fan of Twitter.

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Tell us about your new album!

It’s an album that offers a lot. I didn’t want to abandon Bachata, so I would say 70 percent of it is Bachata, but I had to experiment with other genres. I have a Pop Rock song with Mario Domm of Camila, a track with La Mala Rodríguez that is more of an urban tune, I've got one with Pitbull, and some Bachatero tradicionales. I even have a song with Tomatito, a very famous Flamenco guitar player.

That does sound like a lot. You’ve hinted in the past that you wanted to collaborate with mainstream artists on Bachata tracks.

It all started because people wanted to know what I was going to do after Aventura, what I was going to offer that was different. So I said I wanted to get the big stars from the Anglo market to sing Bachata. I just said it, but I knew making it happen wasn’t exactly going to be a walk in the park.

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Well, you accomplished just that with your last single, “Promise,” featuring Usher. How was the experience of recording with the Grammy award winner?

When Usher accepted, I was honored. I realized that I would again revolutionize Bachata. He is a great vocalist and knew exactly what to do – I would only have to say things once. The only thing that took us a little while was when he insisted on singing in Spanish. He is such a professional and wanted it to sound natural and not like he was forcing it. But if you hear the harmony towards the end, he nailed it. It was an overall great experience.

OK, so what’s your beef with tweeting?

For the most part, I think it is a great marketing tool and I have benefited from it, but I personally don’t tweet much. I check the messages and who is following but I still believe in the magic of not knowing everything about the artist. I think it’s funny that I sold all these records but people still say, “He doesn’t tweet?!”

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